•   Our friend Felipe Cazares Millan, Esteban Matiz’s husband, living in beautiful Acapulco, shares these heartfelt words.
    “Acapulco is an iconic paradise to the whole World”.

EVERYTHING has happened here in this beautiful corner of paradise.

Over the years, the vibrant life of Acapulco has given joy, laughter, enjoyment, love, happiness, surprises. Great emotional moments to all of us.

Here entire generations were born and raised and many have created long lasting International trends in lifestyle, art, culture, cinema, fashion. Lavish parties, society gatherings, congresses, have defined  stylish living and a joyous and sophisticated savoir vivre.

Once when I took my mother to the doctor; she looked at the bay and with great surprise exclaimed :” since when did Mazatlán become SO EXCITING”; Because of her condition, I did not correct her; I let her stay with the joy I saw in her eyes.

In Acapulco, Agustín Lara composed María Bonita for his great love; Juan Gabriel composed his Amor Eterno, Salvador Dalí painted a wonderful mural in a bar, José José won the OTI with El Triste, Tarzán made his films in the black lagoon, Ava Gardner got drunk at Armando’s Le Club with Esteban, Rafael made El Golfo and sang the wonderful song Acapulco, Frank Sinatra married Mia Farrow in the house across from mine, Gloria Guinness made the architect Marco Aldaco famous, Liza Minelli sang to support ACASIDA, Luis Miguel has loved, sung and produced everything in this place, Edith Colliere brought her little Esteban to live and thrive here and here they stayed, in love with this extraordinary place.

In this paradise the destiny of Mexico and the world has been decided for many decades. Acapulco has been the meeting place of the major players of the future of the world.

Thousands of stories, many tragedies, but Acapulco still stands.

This terrible event; that no one could foresee does not define us, it is not going to defeat us.

Those of us who live in Acapulco, are committed, rooted, in love, and fighting; and we are going to do whatever it takes to make Acapulco once again the paradise it has been.

Dear friends… let’s get to work… Acapulco needs us all, each with their talents and abilities. We are all important. We are all Acapulco


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